Crown of Egypt Slot

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On March 16, 2013
Last modified:April 12, 2013


Crown of Egypt - Take me to your Favourite Casino!

Crown of Egypt is an online slot game which is quite fun and can earn you some extra cash. It is among the rare games that allow you up to 40 lines with 1024 ways to win on the occasion of every spin. Obviously, the 1024 ways and the immense number of symbol combinations increase the chances of winning.

Where to Play Crown of Egypt Slot :

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Besides having an ancient Egyptian theme, it is an enticing game due to its’ amazing graphics and fast game play. Travel in time now with the new crown of Egypt slot game. The Crown of Egypt slot machine is not your typical slot game. To play, you just hit the spin button on the bottom of the screen. You’ll soon notice that, unlike other similar games, Crown of Egypt is different because every symbol rotates independently from the others.

You can bet from 0.01 to 5.00 credits. Just remember, you can’t win more than 250,000 US dollars per bet, regardless of the amount of money you’ve put in the level. This includes the free bonus spin level. While playing this game, you can use real or virtual money, therefore having the choice to test it before risking some cash. Due to its’ 40 lines, the odds of winning are significantly improved.

A bonus game is initiated every time you get two or more pyramids on the middle reel, thus ensuring you get to prolong the pleasure of gaming. This particular level can actually lead to another bonus game, provided you get two or more pyramids on the middle real. You free spin goes on until you hit 130 free spins. If luck doesn’t help you with getting two, three or four pyramid scatters in the middle reel, you will return to the standard Crown of Egypt slot machine level.

What’s not to love?
At first glance, Crown of Egypt seems to be your regular slot game. Don’t be fooled by this misconception. Play Crown of Egypt slot, and you’ll realize its’ features differentiate it from the pack:

  • excellent graphics and the freedom to choose the quality level
  • enthralling background music that sucks you in
  • extremely addictive levels that could potentially lead to free bonus levels
  • captivating atmosphere that’s bound to make your time traveling experience a pleasurable one
  • play up to 40 lines in a 1040 multi-way
  • benefit from multiple free bonus levels, depending on how many times you get pyramid scatters on the middle reels
  • high limit for free bonus levels
  • wagers are between 0.01 and 5.00 credits, regardless the currency
  • the maximum win amount is 250,000 dollars, no matter the value of the wager
  • if this amount is won during a free bonus level, you automatically return to the classical mode of playing Crown of Egypt
  • this game differs from all the other slot machine ones because it allows you to win virtual or real money regardless of the position of the lucky figures; they don’t have to be on the same reel or column
  • most special features (including some amazing bonus features) are not available in the free version of the game

All in all, Crown of Egypt is a great slot game that can be played online at anytime of your comfort, Sign up at our trusted casinos now!