Kitty Glitter Slot

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On March 16, 2013
Last modified:April 4, 2013


Kitty Glitter SlotThe Kitty Glitter slot game is a newly designed slot game for computer screens. The producers of the game have done a good job at putting the excitement of playing slots in a casino into an online game. The online Kitty Glitter slot machine looks as real as the floor games and it has all the bells and whistles. The game is structured with five reels that are played in all directions making up the 30 lines of play. Increasing the players chances to win are four lucky cats that pop up randomly on the screen. The excitement of seeing the cats arrive in a row will keep the player interested in the game for hours.

There are plenty of bonus free spins that are consistently coming up for the player. The mixture of great design features in the graphics will keep the player amused, giving the player many chances to match designs and gain more money for playing. Players can win great prizes during the whole time they are playing.

To play Kitty Glitter slot online you will first need to understand the mechanics of the game. Luckily, Kitty Glitter is not very hard to learn. It is user friendly, which makes learning the game very simple even for the in-experienced player. There are many different symbols and signs in the game, but the most important one is the cat. There are four cats that will help players to achieve higher levels of prize money.

Players love the slot game because of the colorful card signs and symbols. The card signs range from large letters of A, for the ace, K for the king, Q for the queen, and J for the jack. The 10 symbol is also used. Payouts are different depends on which symbols the player matches. Each symbol has its own payout amount. The Kitty Glitter symbol is the one that gets the player into big money and is a wild card. It will help the player to match two or more symbols of the other kinds. One thing to remember is that the Kitty symbol will only pop up in reels two through five. The scatter sign shows up as a diamond bowl on the second through fourth reels. The scatter sign will give the player extra matches.

Players will learn that they need three or more of the same symbols or wild cards on the screen. Once the player receives the three, they will be given bonus games and prizes. Some prizes are small and others can give players many more free spins, which will also give the player more money. The player will benefit from the symbols being alike with up to 15 spins that are free and scatter payouts.

Players will enjoy watching the symbols spin through the cycles and be excited when the symbols all fall to match one another. The game move fast and players have many opportunities to win prizes and free spins. The player will never know until the wheels stop and the symbols show up as to what excitement is around the corner.

Players do not need to have any experience in playing the game to enjoy Kitty Glitter slots online. There are plenty of instructions for the new comer and the rules are easy and simple to follow. Players will become acquainted with the symbols and signs quickly. The payouts are rewarding and keep the player interested in the game. Experienced players enjoy the game as well. They know what the payouts will bring and enjoy the extra spins and money they will gain from each bonus game.